Owl in Tree-Trouble

Project Description

I created this animated game while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, in the Interactive Design and Game Development program. It is a fun mini-adventure staring a little guy named Owl. Programming this game was a real labor of love. I was determined to breath life into this character and to provide an enjoyable game, while working with some of the most intricate code I had ever written.

Use the arrows to move and jump while avoiding the enemies who will cause you to fall. This game is winnable; Many players say it is hard, but I can win almost every time (a benefit of playing it hundreds of times while programming it). There are 3 boards, and if you do win it, there is an animated ending that really makes it worth a shot. Worked with branjofarms for assistance with sound design, illustration and the final animation scene. Enjoy!

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Flash, ActionScript, Illustrator


Art Director, Designer, Programmer